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Dec. 27th, 2012 08:23 pm
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Title: Learning the Stakes
Author: [livejournal.com profile] myficjournal
Pairing(s): Pete/Mikey, Frank/Gerard, Frank/OMCs
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Kinky sex
Word count: 13,864
Summary: Warped Tour 2005. Frank loves Gerard who loves Frank, but they can’t see it, no matter what Mikey says until it’s there in front of them and they can’t help themselves. Meanwhile, Pete and Mikey can’t figure out how to be what they want until they get some surprising help from Frank.

Waves of heat shimmered up off the asphalt of the parking lot adding humidity to the suffocating midday warmth. Frank shielded his eyes from the sun while looking around for his band before giving up and rolling his shoulders in irritation at the slow trickle of sweat sliding down his back and sticking his shirt to his skin. He’d woken in his bunk to find his band missing and no recollection of their sound check time. Frank scrubbed his right hand over his face and then over his head to scratch at his scalp. Days into Warped Tour and he already needed a shower. “Ah, fuck it,” he grumbled and headed toward the Main Stage. He watched No Use For A Name play for a minute before realizing that he’d missed his own sound check. Shoving his hands in his pockets, Frank checked the time and shuffled back toward his bus. It was unlike his band to let him miss sound check; just as it was unlike him to sleep right through his responsibilities. He waved at the few people he knew, but still hadn’t encountered any of his band mates by the time he’d climbed on the bus and settled back into his bunk. He knew they’d be back before show time.

The door to the bus hissed open an indeterminable time later bringing with it a blast of heat and a pair of muted voices. Frank was on the verge of pushing back his curtain we he realized that one of the voices didn’t belong to his band, but was Pete Wentz with Mikey. Grumping to himself over that turn of events, Frank nearly missed Mikey’s low groan and Pete’s whispered, “You sure no one’s here?”

“’Course,” Mikey mumbled, voice muffled against Pete’s lips. “Saw Frank leave a bit ago and we left the rest of my band on your bus. Chill.” He chuckled low and tugged Pete into the bunk area, pressing Pete’s back against the edge of the middle left bunk with a clatter – only inches from where Frank lay listening with increasing disturbance. The sounds of kissing seemed absurdly loud to Frank’s ears and he closed his eyes in a futile attempt at blocking out the sounds of Mikey making out with Pete.

Pete released a strangled sound, the syllables muffled against Mikey before he pulled away with a louder, sucking noise.

“Dude, what’s wrong?” Mikey asked.

“Mikey,” Pete gasped roughly. “Gay above the waist.” His words were low and strained. “I don’t…I’ve never gone below the belt with a dude before.” The sounds of someone hitting their head echoed back to Frank accompanied by softly huffing laughter.

“Shit,” Mikey mumbled, voice distorted. “I thought that shit was all a joke.”

Pete shifted, clothes rustling against the bunk curtain. “Yeah, not so much.”

Mikey whined softly. “Sorry man,” he said, the rasp of sliding his hands from Pete’s ass to his hips and then up to his lower back audible to Frank. “Whatever. We can do whatever you want.”

Pete kissed Mikey hard, bit his lower lip and devoured his mouth until they broke apart with deep, gasping breaths. “I want you…I want it all with you, Mikey. Just slow, okay?” He blew out a loud, exasperated breath. “Fuck, I sound like a girl.”

Mikey laughed. “Don’t let Gee hear you say that. He’ll lecture you for hours on the misogyny of what you just said.” Leaning down, Mikey slurped and sucked a huge bruise on Pete’s left collarbone.

Pete groaned, arching against Mikey’s lips with a gasp. He rocked into the touch until Mikey backed up against the right bunks and pressed his thumb firmly over the new mark. “Tonight,” Pete gasped, hips stuttering. “Joe’s taking Patrick to one of the parties. Come to the bus?” he asked. “We can have all the privacy we want for hours.”

“Yeah,” Mikey finally said in a rough, heated voice. “Come to our set?”

“Count on it, MikeyWay,” Pete said.

Frank rolled his eyes, hiding his face in pillow to the soundtrack of Mikey and Pete firing up the game console in the front lounge.


Sitting beside Gerard on a stone wall, Frank looked out over the bus and van city of the latest Warped Tour date. He swung his legs and slugged back some water before turning toward his best friend and that guy he’d had feelings for nearly as long as he’d known him. “So, what’s up with Mikey and Fall Out Boy?” he asked.

Gerard hummed, smudging his finger over his current drawing in his sketchbook, his attention not remotely on Frank or his question. He was intent on the newest designs he’d been envisioning for their next album.

“Seriously,” Frank persisted. “He’s spending all his time with them. With Pete.”

Looking up, Gerard blinked at Frank. “Yeah?” he asked. “Hadn’t noticed.”

Frank looked incredulously at Gerard, “Are you shitting me? You hadn’t noticed?” He didn’t believe it for a second. Gerard was an incredibly perceptive guy, especially where Mikey was concerned, though apparently not where Frank and his feelings were concerned.

“Nah,” Gerard said. “S’not like I always keep track of him. He’s always where he’s s’posed to be when we need him and we kinda agreed to go do our own things this tour.” The ‘now that I’m clean and sober’ was left unsaid, but was still loud and clear as far as Frank was concerned.

“Huh,” Frank said and shrugged. “Yeah, guess so.” He was more than slightly surprised that Gerard was so blissfully unaware, but shrugged it off and jumped off the wall. “You gonna stay here?” he asked, rocking back on his heels with his hands shoved in his pockets.

Pushing his hair off his face, Gerard scrunched his nose and looked around. “Yeah, I’ll see you at sound check.”

Frank scratched his nose, bobbed his head and turned back toward the bus. He figured he’d be able to bother Ray for a bit or maybe find Bob for a piggy back ride through the buses. He keyed in the bus code, dragged himself up the stairs, grabbed a Coke out of the fridge and wandered into the back lounge only to find it empty. No Ray. Frank wrinkled his nose and huffed out a breath. Everyone was off or occupied and Frank was bored. He should’ve stayed with Gerard, but even that hadn’t been holding his attention either. Frank grumbled under his breath and headed back to his bunk. Opening his curtain, Frank eyed the squares of cloth he had tucked into the springs of the bunk above his. He reached out and fingered the dark blue one. A deep breath sucked in and Frank grabbed it down, folding it small and hiding it in his back right pocket. He guzzled his soda, tossed the can away and let out the breath. Frank was on a quest for a distraction after their set from the itchiness under his skin.


Mikey glanced side stage at Pete, smiling and wrinkling his nose before turning back to the crowd with his head bowed and playing his heart out. He ran through the set almost entirely on autopilot, much like he had when he’d spent every gig drunk out of his mind. They were, he hoped finally going to ease Pete over his “above-the-waist” rule and Mikey’d been hard, pressing into the fly of his jeans since he’d read Pete’s text.

Handing his bass to his tech, Mikey strode off the stage with a smile just for Pete. He tossed a glance over his shoulder to Gerard. “Gee, Pete and I are going to chill on the bus. You’re hanging with The Rejects tonight, yeah?” Mikey asked.

Gerard nodded and smiled his wide smile, the one he saved primarily for Mikey and sometimes. “Yeah, should be gone for a bit since we’re all done so early.”


In a crowd, more a traveling city the size of Warped, Frank knew someone would recognize the bandana he’d pulled out and tucked into his back right pocket. He’d seen a few himself in the first couple of days, but hadn’t paid any attention. Hooking up kink-wise had been the last thing on his mind while he watched Gerard navigate the tour in his new-found sobriety. While he was incredibly proud of Gerard, it left Frank feeling a bit lost. All it took was a quick, but thorough glance around the first group he came to for Frank to realize he wouldn’t find what he was looking for there. He took a beer, shared a smoke and was on his way in under ten minutes; Frank was now on a mission.

Finally, after a few false starts, Frank caught sight of a guy with promise – someone as far from Gerard as he could get. The guy was tall and broad with arms Frank knew could either hold him up or pin him down exactly the way he wanted and needed. The best news of all was the dark blue scrap of fabric hanging out of the back of his left pocket. With his usual bravado and an extra dash of brashness, Frank slid into the group. He watched his target watching, and passing over, others. When that piercing gaze landed on Frank, he straightened and quickly flicked his eyes down and back up. The arch of an eyebrow sent Frank spinning half way around with his hands clasped behind his back and highlighting his own bandana.

Patience was never his strong suit, but Frank did his best to engage the guys he was speaking with. He startled only slightly at the warm strength of the hand that clamped down on the back of his neck. The guy slid easily into the conversation and waited until a natural break where others started to shift their focus. Jason leaned in to speak directly into Frank’s ear, “If your glance earlier was an invitation and that invitation remains open, nod your head once.”

Frank did as instructed, single sharp nod accompanied by a noticeable relaxation of the tension in his body. He closed his eyes, sucked in a deep breath and opened his eyes with the release. Jason waited a beat, let Frank settle into his thoughts. “Are you an exhibitionist?” he asked. “Or, do you want privacy? Got anywhere to go?” Jason squeezed the back of Frank’s neck. “You may respond verbally.”

“Privacy. Tonight,” Frank replied. “Sir,” he added almost as an after-thought. “But, I have nowhere to take this. My bus is occupied.”

Jason nodded. “Lucky that I do, then.” He flexed his fingers on Frank’s neck and started to lead him out and away. “My name’s Jason,” he said once they’d moved beyond the nearest bus and toward a quieter spot. “You can drop the Sir tonight unless you want to keep it for your own headspace. If we play again, we’ll see where or if that fits.” Frank walked steadily and easily alongside Jason, nodding to show he heard what Jason said.

“Tell me your name and what you came out here looking for with that bandana on display,” Jason said.

Taking a breath, Frank braced himself for the one part in this that he hated – giving the truth of what he wanted and what made him tick to a complete stranger. “M’name’s Frank,” he said. “Want and need you to shut down my brain.” He took a breath and tipped his head slightly from side-to-side to stretch out his neck and settle into the moment. “I can be a real shit and I need you to force that side of me into submission, please. I’m not too picky with how you go about it,” Frank said, licking his lips. “I’m a guitarist, so my only limit on that is you can’t fuck up my hands or arms any.”

Jason hummed out a thoughtful noise. “Tomorrow’s a long travel day…you worried about sitting down?”

“Nah,” Frank replied easily. “Can spend it face down in my bunk if I need to.” He licked his lower lip, flicked a sideways glance at Jason and added, “Last thing I’d like is to get fucked good and hard.”

Jason tightened his grip painfully and asked, “What if I said no?”

Frank whimpered involuntarily and closed his eyes. “I’d be disappointed, but it wouldn’t be a deal breaker.” He did his best to both keep any disappointment out of his voice and convince his dick it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Chuckling low and almost sinister, Jason pulled them to a halt and pressed Frank face first and full body against the side of the nearest van. “Then we’ll just have to see if you can’t make me want to fuck you.”

Dick hardening fully and immediately at those words, Frank held back most of his groan and consciously allowed himself to go lax in Jason’s grip. “I’ll do my fuckin’ best,” he replied hoarsely.

“Oh,” Jason chuckled. “I’ve no doubt you will. We’re where we’re going so this is your last shot before I’m completely in charge. Anything else you want to say?”

Frank shook his head as best he could with his forehead pressed to the side of the van.

Jason released him, opened the back doors of the van and said, “I want your safe work and then you need to strip where you are before climbing in.”

Shivering, Frank squeezed his eyes shut tight. “Jersey,” he said, making sure Jason could hear him before he took a half step back and pulled his tee shirt off and over his head. He folded it roughly and went to drop it when Jason grabbed his arm gently. “Put your stuff in my arms,” Jason said. “No use getting it any dirtier than you have to on this tour.”

Frank nodded and set his tee shirt in Jason’s hands. The rest of his clothes followed slowly and carefully. Taking the time helped Frank with letting go of everything except what he was doing for Jason. By the time he was naked, Frank was quiet and settled. He placed his boots just inside the open back door of the van and stepped back, completely naked.

Jason looked Frank over and placed his clothes over the boots. “You can climb in,” he said, moving to be certain Frank was as hidden as possible in deference to Frank’s request for privacy. “I want you on your knees in the middle of the bedding.”

Frank nodded and climbed into the van. He settled on his knees, spreading them slightly and resting back on his heels with both hands palm up on his thighs. Taking a long look at the lines and planes of Frank’s body, Jason hauled himself in the van before closing and locking the doors. He stripped off his shirt and tossed it carelessly to the side followed by his own boots and socks. “This is the last choice I’m giving you; do you want me to restrain you?” Jason asked in deference to Frank’s comment about his wrists. “Or can you do as you’re told?”

The question made Frank bristle, exactly as intended and he shook his head decisively. “I can do what I’m told,” was his tight response.

Jason grinned, looking forward to testing Frank. “Then crawl over here and get me out of my jeans using your mouth.” Frank made a soft noise, pressing up on his knees and shuffling as carefully as he could until he knelt between Jason’s shins. Folding himself in half, Frank rested his hands at his sides and worked lips and teeth to pop the first button through the hole. He sent up a quiet thought of thanks that Jason had on button-fly jeans and proceeded to open the fly slowly, one button at a time.

Once Frank had the fly completely opened, he nosed his way between the fabric and nuzzled up the length of Jason’s dick with a hum. Jason curled his hand at the base of Frank’s head, tugged him back, and stared down at him. Jason used his free hand to pull himself out of his briefs and rub the head of his cock over Frank’s lips. “Open up,” Jason said, grinning when Frank responded immediately. He pushed past Frank’s lips and into his mouth, moaning at the wet heat. Frank closed his eyes and curled his tongue around the head of Jason’s dick before hollowing his cheeks and sucking when Jason pressed further and deeper into his mouth and throat. He tucked his hand in his lower back, shifter his legs open a bit further and pushed his head down on Jason’s dick.

“Stay right there,” Jason growled softly before rocking his hips up. He thrust slowly at first, enjoying the fact that this self-proclaimed shit was just taking what he gave. Jason expected it out of the subs he dominated, but had been expecting more of a fight from Frank. He stroked his thumb over the nape of Frank’s neck and thrust in sharp and hard. He moaned low and ramped the pace, moving faster and harder. Frank’s pliability guaranteed Jason would be fucking him but not until Frank was completely wrung out. Tipping his head back, Jason thrust sharply two, three times and came down Frank’s throat with a low, drawn out moan.

Frank shivered, groaned and fluttered his eyes open to look up at Jason with want and lust in his eyes. He wasn’t under, but he was headed that way and Frank found himself yearning for it in a way he’d not felt in years. Jason pulled out and wiped hi dick off on Frank’s lips and right cheek. He pulled Frank up and off his lap, pushing him back on his heels and dragging his hand down Frank’s chest to curl his hand around Frank’s dick. “Want you face down, ass in the air,” Jason said before he tugged off the rest of his clothes.

Almost throwing himself to the blankets, Frank got himself into position: head on his arms, knees tucked under, back curved and thighs widened slightly. He didn’t hesitate, didn’t even think about it, just got into position and waited. Taking his time to gather lube and a condom, Jason looked over at Frank and stroked a hand over his skin at random intervals. The waiting was all part of his plan, a calculated way to get Frank deeper into his head space and out of his thoughts. “Wonder how long this is going to take,” Jason said idly, sliding his hand from Frank’s lower back, over his ass and down his right thigh. Without warning, Jason drew his hand back and let fly with a quick staccato of smacks against the lower swell of Frank’s ass, where it met his thighs. He chuckled at the inventive cursing that escaped from where Frank was buried face down on the pile of blankets and the way Frank arched his back deeper to present his ass higher. Jason grinned, skimmed his hand over the pinkened skin ad pulled back his arm to rain down a steady stream of strikes that covered all of Frank’s ass and alternated between cheeks. It wasn’t until Jason could hear softly gasping sobs and felt Frank moving ever so slightly away from each smack that he lessened the intensity and finally slowed to a stop.

Jason smiled to himself, thoroughly enjoying the heat radiating off Frank’s ass while he rubbed his rough palm over the tender skin. Taking his time, Jason stroked up Frank’s back, lightly massaging the tension out of him before fisting his hand in Frank’s hair and pulling his head back. The checked-out, glassy eyes made Jason smile and gently shake his head back and forth. The look on Frank’s face, mouth open and lips red from his biting them in desire, and the darkening of his eyes sent Jason’s free hand to his cock. He stroked himself a couple of times, all he needed after the way Frank took the spanking, before efficiently slicking the condom and lube on his dick. Covering his fingers, Jason stroked two over Frank’s hole before pushing them in with no resistance. He smiled to himself, slid his fingers out and pressed his cock in slow and steady until Frank had taken him in fully. Tugging gently at first, Jason matched the drag of his hand to his thrusts so that each one tipped Frank’s head back and bared his throat. Jason kept himself under tight control as long as he could before spilling into the condom. He pulled Frank up on his knees and jerked him off until Frank was shuddering in Jason’s arms and coming across his own stomach. Once Frank went still, Jason grabbed the condom and pulled out, making sure to get Frank settled before he tied it off and tucked it aside. Jason stretched out with Frank, curled him close and began the slow process of helping bring Frank back into himself with quiet words and soft touches.


Approaching the bus, Frank slowed down. He knew Mikey and Pete had taken off to the bus and he suddenly realized that even though he’d been gone awhile, he was still likely to interrupt them. Frank dithered, second guessing his decision to come straight back to the bus and his bunk even though he knew he needed it, and then cursed himself out for his indecision. With a disgusted grumble, Frank keyed in the code for the bus and crept on cautiously. He hoped, though he knew it was likely in vain, that he’d escaped without running into Mikey and Pete. Luck was clearly not on his side and Frank grimaced at the low sounds he could hear coming from Mikey’s bunk. Mikey’s needy whine, the one he made when he was so close to coming but just not quite there yet, was as familiar to Frank as his own sex noises. He ducked his head and sucked in a quiet breath before leaning into his own bunk to grab his hoodie. Just as Frank was about to scoot back out to leave, Mikey cursed and Pete grunted before they both fell into nervous laughter tinged with disappointment and frustration.

“Sorry,” Pete murmured, sounding genuinely contrite.

“S’alright,” Mikey replied in a voice Frank recognized as his best attempt at believing Pete. “S’not working, though, Pete.” The sound of Mikey’s curtain rustling sent Frank scrambling for the front lounge and his iPod. No one but he would know that he’d overheard the two of them.

Mikey rolled out of his bunk, but bent over in order to lean in and kiss Pete. He nipped Pete’s lower lip with his teeth and tugged back before reaching in to cup his cheek. “I didn’t say we’re not working. I said it’s not working.” Mikey swiped his thumb over Pete’s lip. “I want you. You want me…and we’ve even mostly conquered your aversion to dick, but something still isn’t clicking.”

Pete’s reply was too low for Frank to hear though he easily caught the sound of fingers being sucked and Mikey moaning. “Just let me blow you,” Mikey said. “We’ll figure it out later. Everyone’s gone for a while, we can do it in the lounge.”

Frank took that as his cue to cut out. The last thing he wanted was to come face-to-face with a half-naked Mikey or Pete. He grabbed the hoodie and slid back off the bus as quietly as possible.


Frank lounged on the sofa bench in the front lounge of the bus, head tipped back and eyes closed. Gerard had been and gone, retreating to his bunk with multiple mugs of coffee while mumbling something about lyrics and a vision. Unable to muster any interest, Frank had merely grunted and adjusted further into the corner of the seat he’d sunk into. It wasn’t that he didn’t care, but Frank was entirely too invested in wanting Gerard to hide it in his exhausted state.

Bob and Ray emerged from the back studio area, dragging Gerard out of his

Bunk under loud protest even while Gerard shuffled along behind them. When they moved past Frank, Ray ruffled up his hair and tugged easily on the ends. “Lunch,” he said with a raised eyebrow.

“Nah, gonna sit here,” Frank shook his head and offered up a tired smile. “Might grab a nap.”

Ray nodded, prodding Gerard after Bob. “I’ll bring you back anything worth eating.”

Frank nodded his thanks and waited until the door closed to push himself up off the couch to make his way to the back lounge. He’d just finished changing over the controllers and setting up the Xbox when the Hydraulic bus door opened with a hiss. He stifled a groan, ducked his head and called out, “no good eats?”

“No idea,” Mikey replied, leaning against the door to the lounge while his voice made Frank’s head pop up in surprise. “That where everyone else fucked off to?”

Nodding, Frank tipped his head toward the game console with a raised eyebrow. At Mikey’s nod, he tossed over the second controller and scrambled onto the couch to get the game started. They played a few rounds in silence, trading off victories until Frank burst out with, “So, Pete’s pretty gay for you, isn’t he, Mikeyway?”

Mikey’s video character skid off the road, crashing and dying in a fiery ball while he stared resolutely at the screen. Anyone who didn’t know Mikey would think he was unfazed by both events, but Frank knew his friend better than that and realized he’d struck an (a) nerve. Hell, Frank had known he’d hit a nerve and had done admirably, at least he thought so, in refraining from the topic up until that point.

“The fuck?” Mikey asked, voice going up at the end even though he tried to control it.

“Might’ve been in the bunks once when you two were fucking round,” Frank said easily before he got them set up to play another game. “Also, couldn’t help noticing you two fucking off together after the shows most nights.” He grimaced slightly and scratched at the side of his nose – conversations like these were his least favorite. “Everything good?”

Mikey dipped his head once while breathing you a quiet “yeah” before proceeding to trounce Frank harder than he had all day.

“Okay,” Frank said, shaking his head ruefully at the screen. “Just wanted you to know that I know and you can like talk to me or whatever if you need to.”

Nodding his head again, Mikey murmured an okay before tossing his controller on the couch next to Frank and disappearing into his bunk – likely texting furiously with Pete the entire time.

Frank groaned and scrubbed a hand over his face. “Fuck that coulda gone better,” he muttered and shut off the video game. Maybe a nap was what he needed after all.


Frank didn’t normally stick around long after, but he’d agreed to have Kevin continue to kneel for him for a while as part of their negotiated scene. He sat in a camp chair, beer in the cup holder and his right hand curled around the back of Kevin’s scalp. There were a few other people nearby in similar poses and states of relaxation. Anyone who didn’t know what to look for wouldn’t see anything all that different from any other party raging amongst the buses.

Mikey leaned against a bus, hidden in the shadows, and watched Frank. He’d stumbled upon the party earlier, just in time to watch Frank flirt and go off with the boy who still knelt at Frank’s side. Mikey knew what it meant, was smart and experienced enough in the club scene to recognize what he was seeing. He and Pete had even tried to engage in some of their own power play with disastrous results. Going to his knees for Pete was all wrong for him, but Mikey didn’t know how to exude the calm and control he could see emanating from Frank. Mikey bit at the side of his right thumbnail and kept silent watch as though he could absorb what Frank did for his own use.

Frank scratched at Kevin’s hair and smiled slightly before he took a large sip of his beer. You doing okay?” he asked just loud enough to carry to Kevin without bringing any attention to them from the people nearby.

“Maybe some water,” Kevin replied softly, rolling his head back and forth in Frank’s hand with his eyes still closed. “My throat’s a little scratchy.”

Able to hear the rasp, Frank grinned wickedly to himself. He loved being able to hear the evidence when he’d spent time fucking someone’s throat. Frank tugged Kevin’s head around, pulled him up for another rough kiss and then rubbed his thumb over Kevin’s lower lip. “You took it better than I expected,” Frank admitted. He released Kevin to open a water bottle and held it steady for Kevin to sip from.

Kevin took several small sips before sitting back on his heels and starting to fidget. He rolled his head and then shoulders before he leaned forward and rolled up to his feet.

“You don’t have to go if you’re not ready,” Frank said, leaning back to drink his beer and look Kevin over.

“Nah, I’m good,” came Kevin’s easy reply as the flirtatious smile and confident set of his shoulders came back over him. “Thanks, man,” he added. “I needed that. Any time you wanna take me down…just call.”

Smiling, Frank nodded and handed the water bottle to Kevin. “I’ll keep it in mind. See ya around.” e acHe actually would, too. Frank waved his off and finished his beer. He didn’t want to move and if he got up for another beer, Frank knew he’d actually head back to the bus. And that was the one thing, or really, that’s where the one person who could ruin his mellow was most likely to be found. Frank signed and resigned himself to the lack of beer by closing his eyes and settling deeper into the chair. A few moments later, he heard a chair being dragged toward him. He waited a few beats and when no comment came, he opened his eyes to see a new beer dangling in front of his face. Frank took it and turned a startled glace to the side only to see Mikey sitting beside him. “Hey Mikes,” he said.

“You looked like you could use another,” Mikey said, sipping his beer and stretching his long, coltish legs out in front of him.

“Uh…yeah,” Frank agreed. “Thanks.” He stared at Mikey, a frown creasing his forehead. “How’d you find me?” As far as he knew, none of the rest of his band was actively kinky or even knew these parties existed, never mind how to find one.

“I’d heard some rumors about these parties, asked around and came upon this one,” Mikey said. “Had no idea you’d be around, but I walked up just as you headed out with that guy.”

Frank chuckled, wiped his right hand over his mouth and arched an eyebrow. “Saw that, huh?” he asked even though Mikey had just said he did. Mikey nodded, but kept quiet. He knew Frank would keep going as long as Mikey didn’t say anything to distract him.

“Not like it’s a secret,” Frank said. “But there’s a pretty good community out here on tour.”

“Seems like,” Mikey agreed, playing with his can of beer. “You do this often?”

Frank gulped down a third of his remaining beer and then finally shook his head. “Coupla times. It helps with…you know.” He waved his hand in the air, random and wild gestures that to him meant Gerard, his crush, and his perpetual blue balls because of it all.

“You been doing it a long time?” Mikey asked, rolling the can between his hands and staring into the middle of the party. He knew better than to get involved with Frank’s hand gestures unless he wanted to sit around all night dissecting them.

“Few years,” Frank said. He glanced at Mikey and then away again fairly quickly.

Mikey took a deep breath. “You always in control?”

Frank shook his head. “Not always,” he said, closing his eyes and finishing off his beer. “Depends on what I want.”

Mikey nodded, drank his beer, and sucked in a deep breath that rattled Frank’s nerves slightly. “You ever teach anyone how to be in control?” He was still looking everywhere except at Frank.

Frank gaped at Mikey, blinking comically before he shook his head. “Not really,” he said. “But, I’ve given some advice before…if that’s what you mean.”

“Will you…” Mikey turned to actually look at Frank. “Will you show me? For Pete.”

Staring into Mikey’s eyes for long moments, Frank gave the request some serious thought. Mikey deserved nothing less from him. He finally nodded. “One condition,” Frank waggled his finger in Mikey’s face for emphasis. “Clothes on at all times.” He didn’t tell Mikey that, for Frank, he was the wrong Way brother to be engaging in naked, kinky times. He figured Mikey wouldn’t push on it since he was learning it all for Pete anyway.

“Yeah, of course,” Mikey agreed quickly and with a wildly bobbing head.

Frank could only hope he wasn’t going to regret this.


The bus pulled to a halt in another dusty parking lot on yet another hot and sunny day. Frank emerged from his bunk and stretched his muscles, feeling joints pop when he elongated his body. A couple of brief stretches on each side and Frank headed to the kitchenette while scratching at his stomach. He’d been up late the night before with Gerard and was shocked to see him dressed and ready to escape the bus. “Morning,” Frank rumbled.

“Hey Frankie,” Gerard said with a dorky wave. “Day off,” he said, waving the coffee in his hand around. “You gonna come to breakfast?”

Frank rubbed at his face and shook his head. “Nah,” I’ll just have some Pop Tarts.” He swept a quick, surreptitious look over Gerard and turned away before anyone could read the want in his eyes.

Gerard bobbed his head smile dimming slightly at Frank’s back. “Mickey’s still asleep. He hit me when I tried to get him up,” Gerard said with a confused, hurt air like he couldn’t understand why his brother wasn’t getting up for breakfast with him even though they ate together nearly every day.

Frank snorted at Gerard and went back to making his coffee. He gave a quick wave when the guys headed off. The door hadn’t been closed five minutes when Mikey came out of the bunk area. He looked far more awake than Gerard’s comments led Frank to expect.

“They gone?” Mikey asked, pushing his glasses up on his nose and looking around like he expected the guys to be hiding on him.

“Yeah,” Frank said with a jerk of his head. He moaned slightly once he’d doctored his coffee and took the first sip of the day. He wasn’t as enamored of the stuff as either of the Way brothers, but Frank still took pleasure in that first cup. “Can probably catch ‘em if you hurry.”

Mikey shook his head, bit his lip and poured himself a cup of coffee, emptying the pot and denying Frank a second cup. “Was hoping to catch you alone,” he said, fiddling with his phone in one hand and looking at Frank over the rim of his mug. “We’ve got some time…alone. Will you show me some stuff?”

Frank looked at Mikey and nodded. “They should be gone long enough for some basics, at least.” He sipped at his coffee. “You got anything specific in mind?”

“No,” Mikey said, eyes wide. He paused and then shrugged. “Maybe. Pete can be kinda aggressive,” he added. “He keeps pulling at me, trying to get me to let him take change, but I’m having trouble giving up control.” Wrinkling his nose, Mikey looked all of fifteen. “Could you help me let go? Maybe I can figure it out with someone who’s done it before.”

Nodding easily, Frank grinned. “Sure thing, Mikeyway. Might be harder for you to find the headspace with me but we can try.” He finished off his coffee, set the mug to soak and then tuned to Mikey with huge eyes once an idea slammed into his head. “Uh, you did tell Pete we’re practicing, right? Not gonna need to fight him for your honor, do I?”

Mikey laughed and shook his head. “Yeah, he’s okay with it since it’s all clothes on. You can still fight over me if you want, though,” he teased Frank. “He did ask if we could do a double lesson some time,” he said with a plush staining his cheeks. “Told him we’d see how it went.”

Frank waggled his eyebrows at Mikey. “Maybe next hotel night…which is tonight, actually.”

“Yeah?” Mikey asked.

“Let’s see how this goes, but sure,” Frank said. He nodded at Mikey’s coffee. “Finish that up and meet me in the lounge.” Frank stopped at his bunk, rummaging in his bag for the restraints and rope he kept hidden away. He settled on the couch, relaxed back and waited for Mikey.

It only took Mikey a few minutes to follow rank. He stopped in the doorway to take Frank and the toys on the couch in.

“First thing,” Frank said, voice authoritative and no-nonsense. “You need a safeword. Even for mild stuff…just in case.” He paused to let that sink in. “Mine’s Jersey.”

Mikey grinned at the word, stepped into the lounge and shut the door just in case. “Can we use yours until tonight? I need to think about it.”

“Sure,” Frank said easily. He’d been expecting Mikey to balk and wasn’t quite prepared for the easy transition. “Either of us says it and everything stops. If you just need me to slow down some, you can say yellow and I’ll check in.”

Nodding, Mikey took a second step forward and stopped. He wasn’t used to waiting or to having someone tell him what to do. Mikey was a master of the art of subtle head nods and getting both guys and girls to follow him most anywhere.

Frank smirked like he could read Mikey and tilted his head to the right. “Okay, we’re starting now. If you have a question or are genuinely uncomfortable, let me know. Otherwise, I want you to only answer my questions.” Gesturing to the floor at his feet, he said, “kneel.”

Two steps forward and Mikey sank to his knees. He didn’t like the position at all, discomfort in his knees making itself known almost immediately. He grimaced but kept his mouth shut.

Leaning forward Frank reached out and lifted Mikey’s chin so he could look in his eyes. “Anything hurt?” he asked.

Mikey tried to shake his head but gave up when Frank’s grip held him still. “My knees don’t like it, but they don’t hurt.”

“Good,” Frank said “You’re new; it should feel odd. If it starts to hurt, tell me. Also, always be one hundred percent honest. This won’t work unless you are. Close your eyes and breathe.”

Unable to help himself, Mikey arched an eyebrow at Frank. He quickly sobered at the firm look on Frank’s face and closed his eyes. Mikey took several breaths, unsure what Frank was trying to get at. He fidgeted, unable to get comfortable or lose himself in the exercise.

Frank waited five minutes, giving Mikey a chance to settle before ordering, “Tell me how you feel and what you’re thinking.”

Mikey sucked in and blew out a deep breath. “Feel kinda tense and stupid. Can’t relax so my thoughts are all over the place.”

One glance at Mikey’s posture guaranteed the veracity of his comment. “Let’s try something. Keep your eyes closed and put your hands behind your back. I’m going to cuff your wrists together. See what that does.” Frank moved quietly, but quickly, and had Mikey restrained in no time. He checked them one last time before returning to the couch for another five minutes waiting period. Once it was over, Frank reached out to cup Mikey’s cheek only to pull back when Mikey startled. “Same instructions.”

Mikey sighed and opened his eyes to give Frank a look of apology. “Same answers. Something about being like this feels all wrong”

Biting at his lip ring, Frank nodded and jerked his head to the side. “C’mon up here and I’ll get you out of those.”

Struggling to his feet, Mikey perched on the edge of the couch with his back to Frank. He brought both hands to his lap and sat back once Frank had released him. “I kinda suck at this a lot, huh?”

Frank shook his head. “No, I think you’re trying to be something you’re not.” He chuckled slightly. “You’re not a sub dude. At least, not naturally which means it’s going to be a lot of work for you to get there, if you even can.” He grinned wickedly at Mikey. “But, I bet you’ve thought about tying Pete up to keep him where you want; gagging him with a cloth or your dick. Am I right?”

Mikey flushed, eyes darting to the side the only indication Frank had gotten any of it right. “Pete’s too active, too aggressive for me to do that.”

A broad grin spread over Frank’s lips. “Well, Mikeyway, that’s where I come in. Tonight.”


Frank opened the hotel room door, sweat shorts hanging loose on his hips, at the oddly rhythmic knock. He had a towel slung around his neck and welcomed Pete into the room with a grin. “Mikey’s in the shower.” Frank stepped back, finished drying his chest and tugged a tee shirt on. “Before he comes out, why don’t you tell me what you’re looking for.”

Pete tossed his bag to the side, nonplussed that Frank seemed to be settled in for the night. He rocked back on his heels, hands shoved in his front pockets. “Mikey and I both want to get kinky…kinkier but it doesn’t seem to work.” He shrugged and grimaced at having to talk it out. “He can’t seem to settle into when we play. He’s not responding to my commands. Kinda figure I gotta be doing something wrong.”

Flopping down on the bed, Frank bounced a couple of times while he watched Pete. “Take a load off, Mikey’ll be a bit yet.” He waved at the other bed, and ignoring what Pete had said, asked, “Who are you rooming with? Do they know I’ll be coming to crash later?”

Pete kicked off his sneakers with a nod. “Yeah, Patrick knows about me and Mikey. He’s expecting you later…after your band mates kick you out.” That answered Frank’s question of just how much Patrick actually knew.

“Cool,” Frank said, dropping down and pillowing his cheek on his hands while he watched Pete sit cross-legged on the bed. “Have you two tried Mikey taking control?”

“No,” Pete replied confused. “I’m a pretty bossy fuck. Why would I let Mikey boss me around?” he asked like it should be obvious to Frank.

Frank chuckled and rolled his eyes. “No sh it, me to. Doesn’t mean I can’t or don’t go to my knees for someone and love every fucking second.” He shrugged easily, but stared directly at Pete. “I think it’s something you should try; might surprise you both.”

Nibbling on his thumbnail, Pete tipped his head. “You think that’ll actually work?” He didn’t look like he believed it, but Frank could see the edges of interest creeping into Pete’s eyes.

“Never know until you try,” Frank offered easily.

Mikey pushed out of the bathroom in a cloud of steam. He glanced immediately at Pete and smiled widely, a smile few people outside of his band had ever seen. “Hey,” he said, crossing to Pete and kissing him hard. Frank looked away with a smirk when the kiss got dirty. An entire day at the Wet N’ Wild Waterworld counted as torturous foreplay for them both.

Frank finally cleared his throat. “Keep it PG-13 you guys, a least until I get out of here. Pete. Give me your room key,” he said with his hand stretched out. Once Pete’d slapped it in his palm, Frank rolled off the bed to his feet and tucked it into his stuff which he dropped near the door in anticipation of a quick exit. “So, how do you want to try this?”

Pete looked at Mikey, seeing the heat and uncertainty warring in his eyes. He swallowed down his usual pushy, flippant response and looked steadily at Frank. “What you suggested.” Pete turned and watched Mikey’s gaze blossom with hope before he stood up straighter, pushing up his glasses when he nodded at Frank.

Frank bounced on the balls of his feet. “Safe word?”

Mikey nodded at Pete when he glanced over. Pete replied, “Hemmy,” with a faint blush. The instinctive by-play gave Frank a good feeling about what they were about to try out.

“Either of you say it and we stop,” Frank said matter-of-fact. “Either of you need to slow down or check in, you say yellow. Got it?” He waited for both of them to look at him and nod before he dropped into one of the chairs. “Start slow, Mikey. Tell Pete what you want, what you’re doing.”

Mikey nodded, looking from Frank to Pete and settling into himself. “Come here,” he breathed out before clearing his throat and strengthening his voice. “Come kiss me like you’ve wanted to all day.”

Pete scrambled off the bed and reached for Mikey, pulling him close and devouring Mikey’s mouth on a moan. Mikey let Pete guide the kiss since he’d instructed him to take action, but slowly he started to take over. He eased the intensity back some, taking possession of Pete’s mouth in tiny movements, curling his palm around the back of Pete’s neck and holding him in place. Mikey nipped his lower lip and pulled back. “On your knees, Pete,” Mikey ordered, voice firm and confident.

Frank grinned to himself when Pete dropped down. He seemed to be a superfluous presence, but he’d promised Mikey he’d watch to make sure they stayed headed in the right direction.

Groaning low, Mikey stroked a hand over Pete’s head, cupping it when Pete leaned into the touch. “Arms up,” Mikey said, crouching down to grip Pete’s shirt at the hem and drag it up and over head. Mikey tossed the tee aside and reached out to drag his fingers along the thorn tattoo ringing Pete’s chest. He grinned and dragged his fingernails over Pete’s skin, feeling him shiver slightly. “Fuck, Pete. You look so good.” Pete flicked a glance up and smiled at the pleasure in Mikey’s voice. He straightened his back unconsciously and licked his lips. Looking up at Mikey, Pete waited for his next instruction.

Frank watched silently from the chair while Mikey hesitated. He didn’t want to interrupt and take the chance that he’d break their momentum, but he could sense that Pete wasn’t quite far enough into the scene to stay with it if Mikey slowed down too much.

Mikey tipped Pete’s chin up and swept his thumb over Pete’s lips and said, “Up on the bed. Want you on your back, arms wide and eyes closed.” He stepped back to give Pete room to move and to show he expected Pete to obey immediately.

Pete scrambled up, ungainly but eagerly following Mikey’s orders. He let out a shuddering breath once he settled into the bed and closed his eyes. Frank could see him calm and sink into the mattress when Mikey slowly started to trace the lines of each one of Pete’s tattoos. Waiting another handful of minutes while Mikey worshipped the art on Pete’s skin¸ Frank slowly rose to gather his stuff. He gave Mikey a thumbs up when he looked over before quietly letting himself out of the room.

Part 2


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