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Part 1

“He’s not going to make the first move, you know,” Mikey said, dropping to sit next to Frank. Frank jerked in response, whipping his head around and trying to feign nonchalance and ignorance.

“No idea what you’re talking about,” Frank said.

Mikey snorted. “Riiiight,” he drawled. “Your interest in him is visible from space, dude. Not that he sees it.” Shaking his head at their ineptitude, he added,” You want him, you’re going to have to sack up and go after him.

“Still not a clue here, Mikey,” Frank insisted. He was less than interested in discussing any feelings he might or might not have for Gerard with his brother. “How’re things going with Pete?” Diversion was Frank’s favorite tactic.

Mikey rolled his eyes, but let Frank steer the conversation. He leaned in to drop his voice. “Things are good. He still resists sometimes, but once he lets go, it’s amazing.” Beaming at Frank, Mikey blushed slightly. “We were thinking…wondering really…if we might be able to convince you to walk me through whipping him on the next hotel night.” He bit at the skin along the edge of his right thumbnail.

“Hey, Gee,” Ray said. “Did you hear me? What do you think of changing up this bit here?” He played the sample again, waiting for Gerard’s input.

Gerard nodded and shoved his hands in his pockets. “Sounds good,” he said. “I’m gonna grab a couple of hours before our set.” He tossed another morose look at Mikey and Frank huddled together and sharing secrets before turning and shuffling back toward the bus. He completely missed the baffled look Ray shot him and the longing look on Frank’s face.

“You got something to use?” Frank asked, looking at Gerard surreptitiously (or, at least he thought he was stealthy about it).

“Pete wants me to use a belt, but I was thinking something not quite so capable of damage,” Mikey said, watching Frank follow Gerard’s progress with his eyes. “Since I’ve never done it before and all.”

Frank nodded, gaze landing back on Mikey once Gerard had disappeared. “Are you looking for something to whip him with or were you thinking more of a spanking?” He was happy to help Mikey and Pete, figuring that someone should have who and what they wanted.

Mikey tilted his head and shrugged slightly. “Was thinking I might check out a sex shop in the next town to find a few things I can use on him.” He smiled, unsure but wanting to be able to give Pete (and himself if he was being honest) what they both wanted.

“If you’re going to hit up a store, I’d suggest you stock up so you don’t have to try and find another one a couple of cities later. You should probably look at a flogger, a heavy paddle, and some restraints,” Frank said, thinking of all the things he’d want to have, several of which he’d even brought with him.

“You going to do anything about my brother?” Mikey asked. “He wants you, Frankie. You need to make the first move.”

Frank shook his head. “Drop it, Mikey. I mean it. Gerard doesn’t want me and pushing this will only cause issues. I’ll get us a lift to the store in the next town.” Standing up, Frank shoved his hands in his pockets and walked off without realizing he’d not actually denied his feelings for Gerard to Mikey.


Frank smiled and nodded at Pete when they all scrambled into Jason’s van the next morning. He’d been willing to take them to the sex shop even without Frank’s offer (and selfish desire) to go down for him again. Not that Jason was going to turn Frank away either. It was just an added benefit for them both.

Pete climbed in after Frank and sat down. He sat quietly and so unlike himself that Frank couldn’t help raising an eyebrow in Mikey’s direction.

Mikey shrugged and smiled slightly. “Pete’s more recognizable than we are and he’s even more so when he’s loud and boisterous, so he’s under orders to stay under the radar today.”

Frank chuckled and looked them both over before catching Jason’s eyes and subsiding at the look in them. “Should be an interesting day,” he muttered. “Pete, Mikey...this is Jason. Jason this is Pete and Mikey.” Jason nodded and turned back to the front of the van to pull out of the parking lot.

“So Pete,” Frank said with a glance at Mikey. “What kind of feeling are you going for? Mikey mentioned a belt.”

Pete bit his lip and glanced between the three of them before sighing and nodding. “I want to feel it biting into me,” he said. “The idea of something that can focus me on each spot sounds good.”

Mikey curled his hand around the back of Pete’s neck with an easy smile. “I love when you focus.”

Frank smiled at them and nodded. “I’m still thinking we should start you with a flogger. We can get one that has harder tails…or even rubber tails. Those’ll bite in a way you may like but will be easier to learn on.”

Jason piped up from the front seat, “I agree with Frank and can help you pick it out.”

Mikey quirked his mouth in a smile and nodded his thanks. “I’d appreciate it. I want to give him what he wants and needs.” The words are accompanied by a fond smile and squeeze of his neck. Pete blushed, ducked his head and leaned into Mikey’s side. It was easy and soothing to the train of thoughts that normally ran wild in his brain. Mikey’s presence had been a revelation even Patrick had commented on.

Jason parked the car and their rag tag group climbed out. Both Jason and Frank strolled easily toward the store, relaxed and both looking forward to possibly adding to their own collections. Frank looked over his shoulder to see that Pete and Mikey hung back slightly before Mikey finally straightened up and led Pete inside.

An hour, a number of jokes and more than a handful of demonstrations and trials later and their group headed back to the van and the tour. Mikey had a bag full of toys and tools including both a leather and a rubber flogger. He was unsure of using the rubber and of the marks it could leave, but was unable to resist the look on Pete’s face when Jason had given him a couple of light strokes over his tee shirt to test it out.

Frank even had a few items of his own that he’d rather not let the others see; things he planned on using on his own and things he dreamed of using on Gerard. He’d given what Mikey’d said to him about Gerard the other day a good deal of thought and was edging closer to telling Gerard how he felt.

When they arrived back at the buses, Pete took off to find his band since they had a much earlier time slot and sound check that day. Jason squeezed Frank’s neck with a smile and murmured “later” before heading back to his crew. Mikey watched the shiver run through Frank’s body and his relaxation into Jason’s promise the way Pete finally relaxed after far more effort on Mikey’s part. He threw his arm over Frank’s shoulder and led him toward their bus.

“Thanks Frankie,” Mikey said softly. “I appreciate the help and advice. And I know Pete does, too.” He smiled and tugged Frank close into a side-body hug. Mikey turned his nose into Frank’s temple and pressed a quick kiss there, pulling back when they approached the bus. He was just in time to see Gerard’s face fall when he saw them together and witnessed Mikey’s actions.

Frank closed his eyes into the hug before pulling away and tucking his bag against his chest. He waved at Gerard when he caught sight of him before he disappeared to hide the stuff in the bags tucked in his bunk. He was already packed and ready to go for their hotel night unlike his band mates.

Mikey dropped down next to Gerard against the bus. “Didn’t expect you to be up yet,” he said. “Did you sleep okay?”

Gerard shrugged. “Not really. Heard you two leave; couldn’t really get back to sleep. I’ve been drawing.” He waved his sketchpad and sighed deeply. “What are you doing, Mikey?”

“Doesn’t concern you, Gee,” Mikey said gently. “If you want him, you need to tell him. Otherwise you might lose the chance.” He thought back to the way Frank responded to Jason and wondered if Gerard and Frank weren’t closer to losing their shot with each other than anyone realized. He rubbed a hand over Gerard’s hair when he stood up to go crash in his bunk and text with Pete until it was time to watch Fall Out Boy’s set.


Frank spent their set that night stalking Gerard on stage, alternating those moments with a few bounces toward Mikey and a head butt or two into Ray’s chest while he played to help his focus. He ended the set on his knees at Gerard’s feet, panting up at him and filled with such a hopeless desire that he closed his eyes and completely missed the way Gerard raked his hungry gaze over Frank’s form.

Mikey handed off his bass and watched the scene play itself out with a quick “hold on” gesture at Pete in the wings. He moved to Frank when no one else did and tugged at his guitar, breaking the stalemate of their tableau. Gerard lurched back slightly, gaze hungry and sad when he watched his brother reach for Frank.

“C’mon, Frankie. Hotel night. Let’s get out of here.” Frank looked up at them both, Gerard’s closed of expression and Mikey’s concern. He nodded and rocked to his feet, letting Mikey turn him away from the stage when he handed off the guitar, and turning him toward Pete who was waiting for them both with his own look of concern.

Pete stepped up alongside Mikey and steered them both to the van already holding his band and loaded up with their bags. “We’re giving these two a ride,” he said when they all climbed in. Frank stared out the window, only chiming in if someone asked him something directly.

Gerard watched Mikey and Frank walk off with Pete, turning to follow Brian back to their bus for his bags and to find the van his band was supposed to be taking back to the hotel. He didn’t see Frank or Mikey along the way, but supposed that was likely because Pete had taken them off. Gerard let both Ray and Brian get him to the hotel and his shared room with Ray before Gerard climbed into the bed and under the covers to find a restless sleep.

Once Fall Out Boy plus Mikey and Frank reached the hotel, Andy and Joe headed straight off to their room. Patrick arched an eyebrow at Frank when he hefted his bag and turned away from the elevator bank.

“You coming up, Frank?” Patrick asked handing him over a key to the room.

Frank looked at the bar and shook his head. “Nah,” he said. “You can the room to yourself a bit. I’ll try to be quiet if you’re asleep when I come up.”

“You sure?” Patrick asked. He didn’t want Frank to feel like he had to stay away, but Patrick was suddenly really looking forward to having some space.

“Yeah man. Go ahead. Just gonna grab a drink or three,” Frank said waving at Patrick, Pete and Mikey. He shrugged when Mikey gave him a look and mouthed “five minutes” at him once Patrick’s back was turned. As far as he knew, none of Pete’s band knew what Pete and Mikey got up to and he wasn’t about to be the reason Patrick found out.

Pete tucked his hand in Mikey’s back pocket and leaned into his side. He carried both of their duffels in his other hand and grinned when he thought of the floggers tucked away. Suddenly, he was far more eager to get to their room already.

“Make sure you take advantage of the room, Trick,” Pete teased. “You can jerk off all you want to your secret porn stash.”

“Not all of us want to spend our hotel nights jerking it, Pete. Hell, you don’t even wait for hotel nights so what makes you think I do,” Patrick said, rolling his eyes and jabbing the elevator call button. He eyed the two bags in Pete’s hand but said nothing. It wasn’t any of his business. Turning to Mikey, he asked, “When are you going to tell the rest of your band?”

“Frank knows. That’s enough for now,” Mikey said with a shrug and a kiss to Pete’s temple. “Gerard doesn’t need the distraction or the worry.”

Pete snorted. “He’s already worried; he just doesn’t know why.”

“Pete, be nice,” Patrick said with another roll of his eyes.

Mikey tugged Pete into the elevator with a laugh. “That’s right. Be nice about my brother. He’s currently freaked out because he thinks I’m fucking Frank and he wants to fuck Frank.

“Seriously?” Patrick and Pete nearly spluttered in unison.

“Oh yeah,” Mikey said. “He’s all worked up and trying to figure out what to do. It’s pretty hilarious, in a sad way. I just wish either of them would get their heads out of their asses and do something about it.”

“You two have such a weird sense of what’s funny,” Patrick said. “Aren’t you worried it’ll set him off?”

Mikey shook his head. “That’s the last thing I’m worried about. He’s been trying so hard to prove to Frank that he’s reliable against that he’s not gonna backslide. He thinks that’s the best way into Frank’s pants. And heart.”

“You should just lock ‘em in a room and let ‘em figure it out that way,” Pete said with a snort. The elevator door slid open and they all stepped off.

“Some day,” Mikey said with a grin. “Maybe with your help if they don’t figure it out before the tour is over.” He looked up at the room sign on the wall and nodded to the right. “We’re this way. See you in the morning, Patrick. Thanks again for switching.”

Patrick smiled and turned to head left toward his room. “Anything for Pete.”

Pete beamed and tugged on Mikey’s arm. “Thanks, Trick.” He led Mikey to their room and waited almost patiently for Mikey to get them inside with the door fully closed before he put the bags down and dropping to his knees at Mikey’s feet. Pete was so ready.

“Whoa,” Mikey said, crouching down and tugging Pete’s chin up to look in his eyes. “You okay? You don’t normally move so fast.”

“Yeah,” Pete said, eyes locked on Mikey’s. “Been thinking about it all day, since we left that shop. Wanna feel you giving me the pain I need. Please, Mikey.”

Mikey silenced Pete with his thumb pressing on Pete’s lips. “Shh, it’s okay, Pete. You will.” He stood up to loom over Pete. “Frank will be here in a few minutes. I want you stripped to your briefs and folded over your knees on the bed before he shows up.”

Pete stood easily, without a word, and started stripping down, each item of clothing folded when it was removed and placed to the side. He heard the knock at the door just when his forehead hit the mattress and Pete signed in relief. He needed the pain too much to have fucked it up.

“You’ve come a long way, Mikey,” Frank said after letting out a low whistle at the sight of Pete on the bed. “Grab which flogger you want to use and meet me at the side of the bed.” Frank crossed to where Pete was and eyed his position critically. “Pete,” he said softly. “Put your arms out to the side for balance.” Frank nodded when Pete obeyed him as easily as he did Mikey.

Mikey moved to the side of the bed, leather flogger dangling from his hand. “Good boy,” he breathed and stroked a hand down Pete’s back, watching his relax a shade more.

Reaching out, Frank hovered his hand over Pete’s body while he explained to Mikey where not to hit him. “Never over or along the spine or on the lower back. Any of those areas can cause serious harm and damage.” He waved his hand over Pete’s shoulders and ass before gesturing at where his thighs were tucked under. “The flesh here is full of nerve endings but won’t do damage unless you purposely hit him hard enough to break skin. Even in those cases, you won’t be damaging anything internally.” He stepped back to make room for Mikey to have better access to the bed. “Take some practice swings first on the bed. Get used to the weight, the way the tails move and land. You want to be sure you have control over them before you take them to Pete’s body.

Mikey stepped to the side and landed a few practice swings on the mattress before blowing out a slightly shaky breath. He shook out his arm and then took a few more until he had the flogger moving where he wanted on each one.

“You ready, Pete?” Mikey asked, stroking a hand over Pete’s right side.

“Please,” Pete whined causing both Mikey and Frank to grin broadly. Frank grabbed a comfortable chair and pulled it up across from Mikey to settle in and keep watch.

Drawing his arm back, Mikey took his first strike and hit Pete square across the shoulders. It was lighter than his practice strikes and Pete whined. Mikey laid out several more strikes at the same strength to admonish Pete when he whined again. “My choice how hard I hit you Pete. You take what I give you and you like it or we stop and you get nothing.”

Pete shut up quickly while Frank held back a laugh at his expense. He nodded at Mikey and pointed at Pete’s ass before mouthing, “Hit him there…harder.”

Mikey nodded, pulled his arm back and brought the flogger down harder on Pete’s ass. He grinned when Pete cried out and jumped. That was the reaction he’d been look for so Mikey pulled his arm back again and set up a consistent rhythm of strikes over Pete’s ass and thighs, only stopping when most of the area was a bright pink edging into red.

Frank nodded at Mikey when he tossed the flogger on the bed and lightly caressed Pete’s back, shushing Pete softly when he whimpered at the pain. Digging in Mikey’s bag, Frank came up with the arnica cream they’d bought and tossed it to him. “Rub that everywhere you hit him, making sure to cover the reddest spots well.” He stood up and gripped Mikey’s shoulder. “Good job, Mikey. Make sure you take care of him.” Grabbing his bags, Frank slipped out the door again and headed to the room he was sharing with Patrick.


Gerard climbed on the bus, pushing his hair out of his and sipping at his iced coffee. He paused when he heard moaning coming from the bunks. It sounded like Mikey’d decided to take advantage of having the bus to himself and just as Gerard was about to call out and give him shit, Gerard heard a second moan and the liquid sliding sound of someone pulling off a cock mid blow job. He paused, not wanting to listen to Mikey having sex with Frank, the idea of it hurting more than he’d have thought, but Gerard found himself unable to actually back away and leave them alone. Feeling like the most hopeless creep, Gerard leaned in the doorway and listened.

“Fuck yeah,” Mikey groaned low and heartfelt. “Just like that. Fucking love your smart ass mouth all quiet and wet on my dick.” He moaned again when he came, muttering under his breath. A soft gasp, echoed a second later and was muffled in a kiss. “Fuck, Pete. Love the way you taste with my come in your mouth.”

Pete whimpered and rutted against Mikey’s hip. “Please Mikey. Let me come, please. I need it.”

“Shhh,” Mikey crooned. “No, Pete. Not until tomorrow. You know that.”

Pete shuddered, breathed out a shaky sigh and slumped back into the mattress when Mikey slid out of the bunk.

Gerard blinked in surprise Pete’s name, voice and their exchange. It kept him rooted to the spot and gaping at his brother when Mikey stood up and looked at Gerard in surprise.

“Pete?!” Gerard squeaked out. “What the fuck is Pete doing in your bunk with you?”

“Blowing me,” Mikey said with an eye roll. “Not that it’s any of your business.”

“Jesus, Mikey,” Gerard said, reeling back in shock. “What about Frankie? How can you do this to him?”

“Why don’t you go talk to Frank, Gee,” Mikey said, weariness in his voice. “What you find out might surprise you. Also, I suggest you head out if you don’t want to see Pete’s naked ass in the next five seconds.”

Gerard looked at his brother like he didn’t know him and then backed out of the lounge and off the bus quickly when Mikey started to pull back the curtain on his bunk. He stumbled down the bus stairs and almost knocked Brian over in his haste to get away from the thought of Mikey and Pete. He’d last seen Frank hanging out at the Reject’s bus, so Gerard headed in their direction.

“Gerard!” Frank called out when he saw him looking frantically around the group. “Hey man, over here. You okay?” He pushed up out of his seat and met Gerard half way.

Heading directly for Frank, Gerard grabbed his arm and shook his head. “No. I’m not. We need to talk,” Gerard said, looking around at the crowd of people. “Somewhere private. I have to tell you something.” He grimaced at the thought of being the one to tell Frank, but he didn’t want Frank to find it out from someone else and know that Gerard hadn’t had the guts to tell him.

“Let’s go for a walk, then,” Frank said, grabbing two water bottles and handing one to Gerard. “What’s up? You look pretty upset.”

“It’s Mikey,” Gerard started.

“Oh fuck,” Frank interrupted. “Why didn’t you say? What happened? Is he okay?” He grabbed Gerard’s arm and Gerard grimaced at the obvious concern.

“He’s fine,” Gerard said quickly in an attempt to forestall Frank’s imminent panic attack. “Nothing like that. It’s just…I caught him having sex…on the bus.”

Frank blinked at Gerard like he had two heads. “And?”

“Frank, he was having sex!” Gerard yelled like it should explain everything. “Without you. And with Pete! Aren’t you upset?”

“Why would I be upset?” Frank asked slowly and clearly confused.

“Because you’re dating him,” Gerard all but yelled at Frank, his brow creasing when Frank stared at him and then erupted in laughter. “What?! What is wrong with you? I can’t believe I tell you that Mikey’s cheating on you and you’re laughing about it.”

Frank doubled over with every word, howling with laughter for several minutes before he sobered up enough to talk to Gerard. “Where’d you get that ridiculous idea?” he asked, wiping the tears from his eyes.

“I’ve seen you together,” Gerard spluttered. “You’re always with him, whispering in his ear, hugging in him, smiling at him. I saw him kiss you and you’ve been rooming with him each hotel night.”

“What are you talking about?” Frank asked in genuine bafflement. “I’ve not been acting any differently around him. Besides, I’ve been helping him and Pete out.” He looked around and lowered his voice so no one would overhear. “I’ve been rooming with Patrick so they could have a hotel room to themselves without everyone on tour finding out about it.”

It was Gerard’s turn to gape at Frank. “So…you’re not dating Mikey?”

“No,” Frank said, tilting his head to the side and staring at Gerard. “Why do you care?” he asked slowly.

“I don’t,” Gerard replied far too quickly and vehemently to be believable.

“I think you do,” Frank drawled, moving slowly but steadily toward Gerard who shook his head and stepped back away from Frank with wide eyes. “Did you just not want me to get hurt?” Frank asked, advancing toward Gerard and backing him up against the nearest bus. He pressed one hand into the hot metal over Gerard’s shoulder and leaned in. “Or were you upset that I was dating your brother?” He flashed a smile at Gerard, taking his in shallow breathing and huge eyes.

“No…I…” Gerard fell silent, eyes huge when he stared at Frank.

Frank took a deep breath and prayed he wasn’t about to fuck up everything in his life. “According to Mikey, I should’ve done this years ago.” Without giving Gerard a chance to realize what he meant, Frank surged up and kissed him hard and possessive.

Gerard didn’t respond immediately, stunned at first. He started to panic when Frank pulled back and made to move away. “No! Wait,” Gerard said, grabbing Frank’s arm and crashing their mouths together again.

Moaning into the kiss, Frank pressed closer, sliding one leg between Gerard’s and pinning him to the bus to fully explore Gerard’s mouth when they broke apart to breathe. Frank cupped Gerard’s cheek in his hand and watched Gerard’s tongue flick out to taste and wet his lips.

“I didn’t believe Mikey,” Gerard said softly, drinking in Frank’s desire-filled eyes. “He said, but I didn’t believe him.

“Me either,” Frank said with a huffing laugh. He surged up and pulled Gerard’s mouth to meet his, one hand sitting at Gerard’s hip and keeping him pinned to the buss. They jumped apart when both cell phones chimed with an incoming text message.

Mikey Way: Told you so! You guys better take it inside. I’ve

Gotten a few texts from people who’ve seen you making out.

Frank buried his face in Gerard’s shoulder with a laugh, tucking his phone in his back pocket. He brushed a kiss over Gerard’s neck and pulled back to grab him by the hand. He tugged Gerard toward their bus, smiling over his shoulder at him every few feet.

Gerard hesitated when they approached their bus. Mikey slouched against the side, Pete tucked into his body and looking blissed out and still hard in his jeans. Mikey brushed a kiss over Pete’s head and tilted his own toward the bus.

“I cleared it out for you,” Mikey said with a smirk. “Told ‘em all you two were coming back to fuck and to get out if they didn’t want to witness is.” Laughter twinkled in his eyes while he watched them.

Frank flipped Mikey off and then laughed. He glanced quickly at Pete with a smile and pulled Gerard to the bus door. “Don’t come a knockin’ when the bus is rockin’.” Snorting at himself, Frank climbed onto the first step before he looked at Mikey. “We’ll be out in time for the set. Anyone comes on board before then’ll get an eye full. Fair warning.”

Gerard made a faint sound of protest, blushing when he met first Mikey’s and then Pete’s gaze. He didn’t stop Frank from manhandling him onto the bus. He did, however, stop in the front lounge and look around uncertainly before gazing at Frank.

Not giving Gerard a chance to overthink, Frank stepped into his space and grabbed him by the hips. He brushed his lips over Gerard’s and said, “don’t.”

“Don’t?” Gerard echoed, hands fluttering from Franks’ shoulders and down to his lower back.

“Don’t overthink it,” Frank replied. “It’s not complicated. It’d just us.”

Gerard chuckled. “That’s complicated as hell, Frankie.”

“No, it’s not,” Frank said. “It’s the easiest thing in the world, Gee.” He pushed Gerard slowly backward until he was pressed into the edge of the bunks.

“How can it be so easy?” Gerard asked.

“It’s us; how can it not be?” Frank replied, grabbing Gerard’s hair at the base of scalp and pulling him down. He moaned into Gerard’s mouth and kissed him the way he’d been longing to for years.

Gerard whimpered when they pulled apart. He stared at Frank, every feeling written across his face.

Frank cupped one hand around Gerard’s neck and pressed their foreheads together. “Tell me you want this, Gee; that you want me,” he said, griping at Gerard’s hip with his free hand.

“For years,” Gerard whispered, grabbing both of Frank’s biceps.

“Thank God,” Frank said and surged forward again, kissing Gerard and tugging his tee shirt up. He broke away and pulled the tee shirt up and off until he had Gerard naked from the waist up. Frank tugged at Gerard’s belt. “Want you naked, Gee. So many things I want to do to you.”

Gerard kicked off his sneakers and tugged at Frank’s shirt instead of his own pants. He got the shirt rucked up under Frank’s armpits before leaning down and mouthing at the tattoo over Frank’s heart.

Frank moaned and tore his shirt the rest of the way over his head. He dropped it on the floor and grasped Gerard’s head in his hands. “Gee,” he keened.

“Been wanting to do this, wanting to taste you forever,” Gerard moaned, dropping to his knees and licking at the sparrows low on Frank’s stomach. He bit and licked and nibbled at the ink, fingers digging into Frank’s hips while he murmured. “Want to taste every inch of ink on your body. Want to trace and paint and draw all of you.”

“Fuck Gee,” Frank shined, tangling his hands in Gerard’s hair. He tugged Gerard back and looked down into his eyes. “What do you want? Tell me.”

“Wanna blow you, taste all of your tattoos. I’ve wanted to get my mouth and hands on you for so long,” Gerard said sitting back on his heels and tearing open his button fly. He wriggled himself out of his jeans and boxer briefs while still on his knees on the floor.

Frank stared down at Gerard and fumbled his way out of the rest of his clothes All thoughts of anything he wanted flew out the window with Gerard’s speech and Frank tugged Gerard back to his feet. “Lounge,” he ordered.

Gerard stumbled out to the lounge and looked around before pushing Frank to sit on the couch. He dropped to his knees and curled his hand around Frank’s hard cock. Leaning down, Gerard licked around the head before opening his mouth and sucking Frank as far down as he could with ease.

Frank groaned, hips hitching up and hands grabbing at Gerard’s head once again. “Fuck,” he cursed, eyes closed and breath panting out harshly. He tightened his fist in Gerard’s hair, held him in place and rolled his hips experimentally. Gerard moved and opened his mouth further, closing his eyes and tipping his head back.

“S’okay?” Frank asked, words slurring. He still held tight to Gerard’s hair and rolled his hips. “Fuck, Gee. Wanna fuck your mouth. So much.” It took all of Frank’s resolve to back up and wait for Gerard to look up at him.

“Please, Frankie,” Gerard begged, meeting Frank’s eyes. “Want that.” He grabbed Frank’s hips again and clung to him when he closed his eyes and leaned in.

Frank smiled and reached down with one hand. He curled it around Gerard’s jaw and pressed him thumb into the joint to force his mouth open. “Open up for me, Gee. Want your mouth as wide as you can. Gonna fuck your throat.” Sliding that hand back to twist in Gerard’s hair, Frank tipped his head back and reached down to stroke his own cock a few times before setting the tip against Gerard’s lower lip. “Deep breath,” he murmured and waited until Gerard complied to guide his cock in and in. Frank groaned when he felt Gerard close around him and the head of his cock bump into the back of Gerard’s throat. With a short count, Frank began to pull out and then rolled his hips and pressed back in.

Gerard whimpered at the slow and steady onslaught, his head tipped far back and his mouth just being used by Frank. It was everything Gerard hadn’t even known he’d wanted no matter how long he’d wanted Frank. Reaching up, Gerard gripped onto Frank’s thighs, holding himself steady but doing nothing to stop Frank’s every increasing thrusts into his throat.

Forcing himself to keep his eyes open and on Gerard’s face, Frank watched the way Gerard sank into the pleasure, into the discomfort and the way he arched closer to all of it. Frank rocked his hips forward, back arching and pushing his cock in deep over and over. “C’mon, Gee,” Frank moaned. “Suck me. Yeah. Just like that. Fuck. So good.” He trailed off into random mutterings while Gerard sucked him, urging Frank closer to his orgasm. It didn’t take long, Frank’d been wanting this forever, and he let himself ride the wet heat of Gerard’s mouth until he was coming down his throat with a rough shout.

Gerard sucked Frank through his orgasm, pulling back only once he was done and pressing his forehead to Frank’s hip. He panted and clung to Frank’s thighs until he felt Frank’s hand under his chin. Allowing Frank to lift his face, Gerard met Frank’s gaze with all the hunger, need and yearning he felt. “Please,” he begged on a soft whisper.

“C’mere,” Frank said, dropping to his knees and pulling Gerard to him roughly. “Wanna see you come for me.” Reaching down, Frank curled his hand around Gerard’s cock and stroked him fast, hard and dry except for Gerard’s pre-come. He leaned in to bite and lick at Gerard’s lips, slicking his tongue between them to taste and explore while he pushed Gerard to a fast, almost painful orgasm. Frank wanted everything Gerard had to give, his complete and utter surrender to Frank’s desires. He stroked Gerard, feeling his come spurting between the two of them while Gerard cried out his pleasure. Panting into Frank’s throat, Gerard slumped against him and let Frank hold him up.

Frank waited until Gerard stopped panting, tugged him to his feet and tucked him into Frank’s bunk. He went to the bathroom, grabbed a cloth o clean them both up and once they were mostly taken care of, Frank climbed into his bunk and curled around Gerard. “You okay?” he asked quietly.

“Yeah, Frankie,” Gerard whispered, tugging Frank closer and curling into him. “Better.”

“Me too,” Frank breathed the words into Gerard’s temple.

Date: 2012-12-28 07:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lizibabes.livejournal.com
I loved this so much. I'll make a long and hopefully not totatlly word vomit comment when the writer is revealed :D

Date: 2013-01-02 03:53 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] alpheratz.livejournal.com
I really liked the messy, hot tangle of relationships in this!

Date: 2013-01-03 10:33 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lillysucks.livejournal.com
perfect omfg


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